MTR Railway Vision 2020

2010 | at OMA | Architecture | Project
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MTR Railway Vision 2020

Hong Kong 

Railway vision 2020 aims to enhance the experience of travellers and visitors to the stations of the Mass transit Railway: it is also conceived to improve the operation of the system. It leaps into the design, technology and operation as its vase: it offers new outlooks based on the current solid, robust design and operation that everybody in Hong Kong already know and appreciated.  A new design that attempts to make a shift to the future and be realistic at the same time is envisioned.

It is a new design that represents the MTR with contemporary and consistent identity, one that will not only refresh the image of the MTR but also make the system clearly recognisable throughout the whole territory. This project also marks the largest scale update to MTRs identity to-date, which has remained largely unchanged since its opening in 1979. The overall growth of the system asks for full attention of the design and operational teams of the MTR. Now with a very well-functioning and well perceive team, there is the opportunity to review and enhance the overall identity that has been undergoing organise growth.

Within the railway vision 2020 study, five key factors are assessed by the multidisciplinary consultancy team; happiness, Efficiency, caring, Corporate, responsibility and Life Cycle assessment. These five main topics branch into sub categories based on which the overall performance of the MTR Railway Vision 2020 station design is assessed. By doing so the consultancy team was able to assess and constantly measure the possible improvements of the two model stations, Mong Kok and Kowloon Tong, during the design process. This method of benchmarking ensures the best possible result within the available time and ensign resources.

The leading principal for the new design behind Railway Vision 2020 is to learn from the present in order to improve the future; it should be a design based off the rich history of the MTR within the city of Hong Kong. The design carefully assesses the MTR history, the current situation, the changes that Hong Kong has gone through in the last 20 years, the changes it anticipates in the coming 20 years, as well as the opinions of the travellers and visitors towards the current operation of the MTR. Railway Vision 2020 in not a visionary dream; it is a design that can become reality in the very near future- it is a sustainable and realistic possibility of the future  

MTR Railway Vision 2020
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