Architecture in the Extreme

2019 | Research | Academia
Project Title
Architecture in the Extreme
09.14 - 09.21

Workshop, Exhibition

Unit Master

Giulia Foscari

Unit Tutor

Eleonora Cappuccio (UNLESS), Martina de Barba (Polar lab AR), Giulio Marchetti (UNLESS), Federica Sofia Zambeletti (UNLESS)


Polar Lab CL: Antonella Bernucci, Francesca Della Mora , Francesco Famà, Lucia Garcia, Pascale Mondion

Polar Lab HK: Cheung Pak Yin, Kan Yung Sun Karina, Lai Cheuk Yan, Leung Tung Yi Sardonna, Mok Man Wing, Ng Sze Long, Park Subin, Wong Tsz Yan, Yeung Man Ki, Hu Chi Hing, Song Huiqing

External Collaborators

London Festival of Architecture


Polar Lab Directors (attending): Giulia Foscari, Francesco Bandarin, Arturo Lyon, Juan Du


Speakers: Michael Morrison (Purcell), Geoff Cooper (UK Antarctic Heritage Trust), Hugh Broughton (Hugh Broughton Architects), Rick Petersen (OZ Architecture), Tony McGlory (Ramboll Engineering), Hugh Broughton (Hugh Broughton Architects), Oliver Darke (British Antarctic Survey), Philippe Samyn (Samyn and Partners), Bert Bücking (BOF Architekten), Francesco Pellegrino (ENEA), Beth Healey

Human presence in Antarctica, necessary to conduct essential scientific investigations on the pressing global problems of climate change and sea-level rise, is not conceivable without technologically advanced architecture.

At the eve of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the southernmost continent, ANTARCTICA 200 participates to the London Design Festival by curating a dense agenda of events that brings together, for the first time, architects and polar experts who operate in Antarctica to reflect on the implications of building in the extreme.

Held at the Architectural Association, ARCHITECTURE IN THE EXTREME is conceived as a think-tank in which Polar Lab students and cross-disciplinary specialists are invited to unveil neglected Antarctic stations, and to assess how existing experimental structures can mitigate unforgiving weather conditions and the psycho-physical disorders induced by the combined effects of isolation and high-density co-habitation.

Punctuated by a series of Round Tables, the 168 hours-long programme includes a joint Polar Lab workshop in which students researching at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Hong Kong University and the Architectural Association converge to London to produce the first Archive of Antarctic Architecture.

Architecture in the Extreme
Architecture in the Extreme
Architecture in the Extreme
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