Lecture | Genetic Urbanism

2007 | Research | Talk
Lecture Title

Genetic Urbanism


Giulia Foscari


Open lecture 


Universita’ IUAV di Venezia


Cotonificio, Aula n.2, Dorsoduro 2196

The lecture expands on the research developed by Sugar Inc. – a research platform founded by Giulia Foscari, Arturo Lyon, Kristof Crolla and Marc Boles in 2005 – at the Design Research Laboratory of the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Developed as a response to Patrik Schumacher’s agenda on Parametric Urbanism, “Genetic Urbanism” aims to challenge the notion of traditional urban development practice.

“Today’s large cities demand new urban growth strategies that allow the adaptation to changing local conditions, the incorporation of time-varying parameters and the ability to engage ever increasing densities.

London’s expansion through low density urban sprawl has lead to an acute need for radically different design systems that propose a counter-model to the current over-consumption of land and the under-utilisation of space. Sugar Inc. proposes an urban design system that condenses sprawl into a three dimensional high-rise network, through radical ground to volume relationships.

The aim of this project is to incorporate the way in which cities inherently behave as living organisms in order to allow urban space to emerge. The development of algorithms, that combine the productivity of randomness and environmental forces, drive the formation of a new urban typology, resulting in a highly interconnected high-rise network of public nodes and circulation which attracts differentiated programmatic spatial aggregation.

Based on the material research on the fibre logics of Candy Floss, a lightweight fibrous structure grows and evolves over time, embodying a three-dimensional parcelling system capable of nesting adaptive open architectures.”

Genetic Urbanism
Genetic Urbanism
Genetic Urbanism
Genetic Urbanism
Genetic Urbanism
Genetic Urbanism
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