Symposium | Complementing the City

2016 | Research | Talk
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Complementing the City


Giulia Foscari, Jörg Haspel, Clemens Kusch, Louisa Hutton, Sergio Pascolo, Reiner Nagel


International Symposium


International Symposium


Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza
S. Polo 2765/A, Calle Corner
I – 30125 Venezia

On the occasion of the 15th International Architecture Biennale, the German Federal Foundation of Baukultur will host a series of events in Venice. A network meeting of European Baukultur institutions serves as kick-off and aims at expanding the international network. In order to deepen the exchange an international conference about complementing the city will be held in cooperation with the German Center for Venetian Studies. The symposium is accompanied by a guided exhibition tour at the Doge’s Palace and an evening reception. Palazzo Querini Stampalia and its renovation by Carlo Scarpa will be presented as best practice example. Together with the IBA Parkstad we will discuss cross-border cooperations as a contribution to city planning and Baukultur. Participants are invited to take part in guided tours through the city and across the Biennale.

Symposium | Complementing the City
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